Tomato Sauce for
spaghetti or ravioli

1) Use a heavy cast iron pot
        add 1/4 inch water,
        one lb of sweet ground beef and
        one lb of hot ground beef
2) cook until meat is brown
3) remove meat and drain on a paper towel
4) put liquid in a jar in refrigerator (fat will separate)
5) put olive oil in pot
6) dice two large items and add them to the pot
7) add garlic
8) brown onions and garlic
9) add one package of Roma tomatoes
10) add 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbs of sugar and 1 tbs of pepper
11) add chopped parsley and pieces of hard cheese rind
12) Boil of 3 hours -- stir every ten minutes
13) remove jar from refrigerator, remove the fat and add remaining liquid to pot

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