Probably oxeye daisy

Seen on Hike 228 to Larch Mountain

This is probably some type or Aster.
There are about 250 species of Aster so it is hard to identify a specific species

Oxeye Daisy has leaves with toothed margins.
The leaves this specimnen do not appear to be tooted.

However, I can find no other matching flower

Scientific Name for Oxeye Daisy:
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum or Leucanthemum vulgare

Other names include white daisy, field daisy, and Marguerite. bull daisy, button daisy, dog daisy, goldens, midsummer daisy, moon flower, and white weed

The white pedals are slightly notched at their tip

The leaves are progressively smaller toward the end of the stem. Basal (lower) leaves are lance-shaped with "toothed" margins. Leaf petioles (stems) may be as long as the blades. The upper leaves are alternately arranged, narrow, and may clasp the stem. Oseye Daisy is a perennial in the sunflower (Asteraceae) family. A native of Eurasia, it is sold as an ornamental, but it has escaped and it is now widespread. In Montana, Lewis and Clark County was the first to report oxeye daisy in 1890.

Some say Oxeye daisy is easily confused with the ornamental Shasta daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum), which is a more robust plant with larger flowers.


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