One-sided Pyrola

Also called: One sided Wintergreen, Sidebells Pyrola, and one sided Shinleaf

Scientific Name: Orthilia secunda or Pyrola secunda

Seen on Hike 226 to Palmateer Point 8/15/13 (also seen on hike to Tamanawas Falls 7/30/13)

The sientific name includes the Greek word "ortho" (which means "straight"). This refers to the style of the stem.

The word "secunda" means "side-flowering", i.e., flowers are on one side of the flowering stem.

One sided pyrola is a perennial with single to several erect stems arising from a rootstocks.

By looking closely, you can see that the pedicels of this plant in fact arise on all sides of the stem, but they all turn to one side of the stem.

One-sided pyrola is believed to be extinct in Connecticut.

(from Connecticut Botanical Society)

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