Mountain Cucumber

Also called:
Bigroot, Coastal Manroot, Manroot, Old Man-in-the-ground,
Oregon Bigroot, Wild Cucumber

Scientific Name: Marah oreganus (Synonym: Echinocystis oregana)

Seen on hike to Hart's Cove on the Coast 8/13/13

This perennil grows each year from a massive taprot.

Some say that the taproot of this plant is edible, others say it taste terrible and that it was very bitter.

However, in Chinese culture, a person is viewed positively if they are able to eat more bitter food. The idea being that if you can take bitter food, you can take bitter experinces in life.

A quote by the Taoist (and Chinese Medical) Master Lily Siou, "They who can taste the bitterest of bitters are the true humans among the people".

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