Western pasque flower

Seen on Hike to McNeil Point 8/8/13

Also called:
Western anemone, Old man of the mountain, Tow-headed baby, White pasqueflower and Chalice Flower

Scientific Name: Anemone occidentalis

What we see in these pictures is not a flower

The Western pasque flower plant flowers soon after the plant emerges following snowmelt.

Only the earliest visitors to the Mount Hood high country are lucky enough to see the Western Pasque Flower in bloom. The cream-colored blossoms emerge as soon as the snow melts, often along the margins of lingering snow patches.

After just a few days, the petals of this flower drop, and the flower is no more.

What emerges is what we see in these pictures. These pictures show seed heads on very showy cylinder-shaped stalks. There are long silky feather-like hairs attached to the actual seeds.

The seeds will eventually blow away to grow in a different place. It is noted that the plant is a perennial

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