Rattlesnake Weed

Also called Rattlesnake Hawkweed, Veiny Hawkweed
Scientific Name:Hieracium venosum

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The term Rattlesnake Weed is applied to a variety of very different Plants.

All of the following are called Rattlesnake Weed
1)Daucus pusillus
2)Euphorbia albomarginata
3)Hieracum venosum
4)Stachys floridana

Here we have Hieracum venosum.

Hieracium venosum is an eastern species and the British Columbia and Washington populations are not native.

Rattlesnake Weed is officially listed as a noxious weed in Washington state.

The yellow blossoms consist entirely of ray florets. They are at the end of several long, rambling, wiry stems.

The rosette of basal leaves are distinctly red-veined.
They may have a hairy fringe but they are generally smooth. There may be a few hairs on the stem near the basal leaves, but the stem is otherwise smooth.

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