Upon reconsideration, this is not Galerina
this appears to be Cystoderma.

From matchmaker I come to
Cystoderma amianthinum.

Growing in moss on a dead log

Seen along Bunker Hill trail 10/27/16

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Judy said:
Galerina species have soft brown to darker brown spores.
Does your mushroom have brown gills? - No! They are white, so this cannot be a Galerina.

Go to your white spored group and look for small mushrooms growing on the ground. Yours has a very distinct veil or sock-like grainy material on the stem and grainy, not fibrous, cap surface; and there is only one genus that is small and has a grainy cap and stem and they can be yellow-brown to reddish brown in color. Let me know what you think this mushroom is. There are only about 5 species in our are and they are common, so read them all. I will watch for your answers.

Further comment by Judy after I changed to Cystoderma amianthinum
You are correct on Cystoderma, and amianthinum is as good as any of the others. There is a lot of color overlap among our species, and without a lot of scope work, some are hard to tell apart.

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