Suillus cavipes
Hollow Bolete

  1. covered with fibrillose scales
  2. cap color: pale to rusty brown
  3. non-slimy surface
  1. hollow
  2. pale at Apex then same as cap below ring
  3. contins cavities
  4. note: "cavipes" means hollow stipe
    Underside of cap
  • short tubes are decurrent on stipe
  • do not change color when bruised

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Discussion on "What is this Mushroom"

Maurine said:
Cap 10cm, soft and felty
Not blueing when bruised
Stipe hollow, pale above the ring
3500’ in mixed conifers

Skye said:
Think you might be right. Suillus cavipes is one of the few in this genus
that has a hollow stalk in the lower half in age.

Dick said:
Looks right to me. Usually found in areas where Larch is present

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