Red-Belt Conk
Fomitopsis pinicola

The first picture is a conk seen on a hike
on Bald Mt. 8/13/15

Photo by Mich

Skye identified this as a young Red-Belt Conk
Fomitopsis pinicola

The bottom surface of this conk has pores that are lined with basidia.
The fruiting body is perennial.
A new layer of pores grows each year on the surface of the old pores.
The pores are whitish when young and become somewhat brownish as they age.

The phenomenon of exuding beads of moisture is called guttation.
In Fomitopsis pinicola the liquid lookslike tears or maybe sweat. Other mushroom species produce pigmented drops that can look like milk, or tar, or even blood. Click Here for more info on guttation

Picture of a mature Fomnitopisis pinicola from Wikipedia

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