To Determine if it is Morel Time
Look for Ceonothus,
and Red Currants.

From posts on What is this Mushroom 4/15/15

1) Check for bees harvesting from the blooms of ceonothus
2) Has the manzanita been flowering for a few weeks
3) Are there blossoms on the red currants
4) Are there white flowers on the dogwoods

Also called California Lilac, Wild Lilac, and Soap Bush.

Check to see if there are flowers and
if the bees are harvesting from the blooms.
If the bees are not harvesting from the blooms it is too early.

Plant identification: leaves have a shinny upper surface that feels gummy when pinched between ther thumb and forefinger.

Has two or three veins running from the base of the leaves.

Stems are red

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Red Currants or redcurrant
gooseberry family
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