Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
Also called: toothed jelly fungus, false hedgehog mushroom, "cat's tongue", and white jelly mushroom

Found on hike along Eagle creek 10/21/14
Oregon Wild Hike led by Wendal Wood

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum

Said to be an edible mushroom. Although bland, it can be candied or marinated.

This mushroom looks for all the world like a tiny, gelatinous tongue in need of a shave; its underside is covered with tiny spines. It is a Jelly Fungus that looks like a Toothed Mushroom,

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Pseudohydnum gelatinosum is a jelly fungus with a lower surface that mimics a tooth fungus. The resemblance, however, is superficial. Tooth fungi have fleshy to leathery fruiting bodies, not gelatinous, and none are translucent.

Edible, can be eaten raw, but without a distinctive flavor.

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