This is probably Gymnopilus

Maybe Gymnopilus junonius ("Gymnopilus spectabilis")
Taste is very bitter, Hard to see any veil, growing on wood chips

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I posted this on MushroomObserver Website and the following comment was posted:
Name proposed: Gymnopilus hybrodis
"Recognized by sight: whitish cortinal veil remnants,
light-yellow subdecurrent gills
with a pale edge, pileus umbonate, on conifer wood."
-- see below for pictures from references of Gymnopilus hybrodis

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Growing under Pine

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Is that line on the stem indications of a veil


Shows how the stem broke


This is a tiny mushroom in the same area. It appears to have a veil


When highly magnified, there appears to be something between the gills of the older mushrooms


Note what appears to be white mycellium on the bottom of the stipe


Spore print is what I would call Orange Brown


Spores are
3 to 4.5 by
6 to 7

key to Gymnopilus

Gill edges are sterile, usually with prominent lageniform or fusiform and capitate cheilocystidia.

Microscopically, spores are rough surfaced, from very finely to distinctly warty, sometimes with warts connected by ridges, sometimes punctate, thick walled, lacking a germ pore or a plage. Separated from Pholiota and other members of the Strophariaceae by the distinct spore ornamentation.

Separated from Cortinarius by having brighter spore colors, and by the sterile gill edges.

Separated from Galerina "by having the cap rarely striate, not hygrophanous and usually fleshier, and the thicker-walled spores, rather more strongly ornamented and usually lacking a hilar depression" (Orton).

Galerina spores uniformly have a plage.

Someone on Mushroom Observer indicated that this is Gymnopilus hybrodis
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imnages from both these sources are under a creative commons license

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