It appear that the mushroom shown below is Hericium ramosum
This mushroom was found 10/04/12 on Bald Mountain
It was growing on a log (do not know if it was a conifer or a hardwood )

It does not stain when bruised and the spores are round with a 5 micrometer diameter.
No color change when Melzer solution applied to the flesh

There does not appear to be any hanging teeth like structures.
But it does have standing teeth like teeth on a comb

Other Possibilities Hericium abietis, Ramaria Enchino or Ramaria Lentoramaria
However: Hericium abietis has hanging teeth - this does not
Ramaria Enchino has spiny spores - these spores are round and smooth (see picture below)
Ramaria Lentoramaria has warted spores - these are smooth


This was growing on a conifer log
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The spores have a diameter of 5 micrometers

They are white - could hardly be seen on white paper

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