The results from our First Mushroom Foray
Conducted the Weekend of October 30, 2011 in the coast range

We found Yellow Chanterelles, White Chanterelles, Lobster Mushrooms, Hedge Hogs, and Porchini (and lots of non-editable varieties)

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The above are: White Chanterelles
Proper Name: "Cantharellus subalbidus"

  1. Dull white color
  2. Cap concave
  3. gills running down the stalk
  4. Stalk solid
  5. no veil or volva

The above are Yellow Chanterelles
Proper Name "Cantharellus cibarius"

  1. Bright Orange or Yellow
  2. gills well spaced,shallow,run down the stalk
  3. Stalk is solid
  4. no veil or volva

This above is a Hedgehog
Proper Name "Hydnum repandum"

  1. Cap and Stalk white to pale orange or Yellow
  2. underside of cap has white spines or teeth
  3. Surface of cap is bald
  4. Flesh is white and Brittle not woody

The above is a Porcini
Proper Name "Boletus edulis"

  1. Cap brown to yellow brown or red-brown
  2. underside of cap has a sponge layer
  3. stalk is thick white to brown never yellow
  4. stalk surfce netted near the top
  5. Flesh is white and does not stain blue or brown

A bonus Picture
"The Second Picking"
The second crop of the mushrooms we grew

I hope you liked the pictures of our
Weekend foray in the coast range

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