Merry Christmas
Joan and Elmer

December 2017

Silent Music     By Joan Gorra-Galbi

The sound of music in the air,
signals that special time of year.
Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been a year of mixed blessings and challenges.
In July, Elmer's rheumatoid arthritis returned,
in early August Joan came down with Bell's Palsy and
then our beloved Columbia Gorge caught fire!
Now five months later, we are all healing,
not completely yet but there is hope.
Patience and adapting is the name of the game.

Tamara, and Dwight's Austin dream house is now complete!
The entire family has been invited to spend Christmas with them.
What a treat for this Mom and the family.

As the year comes to an end, we are again reminded of the
special blessings of family and friends.
We hope the year's journey has been a good one.
Peace and love for 2018.