--- End of the year Report ---

Duane and Karen's ducks have a "prestige" condo
Duane's Shed is covered for the winter
Dwight and Tamara's house is complete
Lots of progress in 2017
--- scroll Down for some Pictures ----

The condo where Duane and Karen's ducks
live the high life
Note that the vinyl covering is transparent
so they can see out--
and see other ducks, that are cold in the woods

Duane's shed (and bomb shelter)
Covered for the winter

Dwight's house - finished -

Dwight even arrangerd for a Texas snowstorm
so we can feel at home when we visit

---- Earlier Reports -------------

Progress Duane is making

Cement truck arrives

Cement truck pouring

Pouring the final footing

Forms for walls = half done

Which will be finished first
Duane's shed or Dwight's house
Also, which has more rebar

Duane Bending Rebar

The foundation

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