This web site will show the progress
in building Dwight's, Tamara's and Marie's NEW HOUSE.

Here is the progress up to October 2015
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This is what the house will eventually look like
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Progress as of October 2015

Note: solar mockup on left corner of roof

Northeast View
solar wires visable
2nd floor master Bedroom


Northwest biew
backyard barbeque
Main Porch

south overhang
outside first floor master bedroom

Southwestern view

Street view

street view
2nd floor Master Bedroom

3rd floor gutters
see: Capital downtown

Third Floor
Morning tranquility

Third floor rain chain in action

3rd Floor Tanquility view

Front Porch
south side
looking north

Front porch
southeast view

Frost Free
outdoor outlests

Large Gutters

Screen Porch

Screen Porch
Southwest view

Security Camers Speaker Wires
Back Concrete Porch

Security Camera
wiring front porch

2nd Floor Master
Southern Window

3r floor selfie
with Special Guest

3rd Floor
sliding door

Third foor

4th of July
Fireword from house

Backyard flower
with original
fish pond

Sliding Door installed

Southeast view
2nd floor Master Bedroom

Special visitor
at front door

First floor
Stone Mockup

3rd Floor
solar hookup wires

AC Ducks
Exhaust Fan
with Humidity Control

3rd Floor
Integrated AC Fan Unit

Enhanced STairs

Fire Suppression
Control Center

High Tech Water Heater
with on-demad Hot water

Media Cabinet view
from Kitchen Dining area

Media Cabinet
from Southeast corner of living Room

Solar Mockup
3rd Floor roof

Sprinkler Heads

After the historic Texas floods of the 2015 Summer
The framing process has continued -- see below

Two stories done
one more to go

First floor
Open roof with light monitor

Third floor -
no walls
The trap door is how
Dwight will get to his den

Here is the view of downtown
from the third floor

Third floor progressing
Hopefully they used Oregon Douglas Fir
so that it will withstand any wind storms

Some added "strongwall"
on third floor to withstand the wind

To cut cost
they used low cost windows

The security system

The third floor roof showing the gutters to collect any rain that may fall

Plumbing and electrical work

Finally some walls
note the walls do not go all the way to the ceiling

How they have protected against the rain

Naturally there is a cat door

Below is the progress made up to 4/20/15
If the following photos of the framing are not enough for you
Click Here for a complete set of the framing photos

The framing is proceeding

They did
use "some"
Oregon lumber

They have lots of steel

(Personally, I think
they should have used
Oregon Douglas Fir Beams)

The concrete slab is finished

Pouring the concrete is a big deal

Here come the concrete trucks
starting early in the morning

Fifteen loads

Here is the re-bar
(Personally, I think
they should have
used more rebar)

This is the progress up to 2/13/15

Pipes have been installed - next is the concrete floor.
The pipes are for the rooms as follows:
1) Downstairs Guest Bath and Utility Room
2) Downstaris Master Bath
3) Front view of house
4) Nothwest corner view
5) South view of main sewer line

Note, they are using "plastic" pipes
In the "old days" houses were built using "steel pipes".

This is the status of the building on 12/30/14

They have a bit to go before they can move in

This is what the old house looked like before construction began

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