Many people who are accustomed to seeing large farms
do not think it is possible for a non-farmer like me
to grow anything
on our postage stamp sized city lot
Take a look at the pictures to below to prove that is not true
Here is my harvest after being away just four days


This should keep me alive and healthy until Joan returns in a few days
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I do wish I knew how to make Zucchini bread
but these are also wonderful on the barbecue


There is nothing like a garden grown tomatoes. I could live on these alone


These are the first figs from the SECOND crop that this tree made. The tree is loaded, I hope they all ripen.

There is lots more, Like Tuscan Kale and Leeks
Yes all this in my Postage Stamp size lot

My real passion is flowers, Begonias and Fuchsia
Sad but the season is ending for these beautiful flowers

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