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Teddy was born 11/14/11 and he was adopted 2/5/12
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Urgent -- Urgent
Teddy Needs your Help

The Ode Steet Tribune - a presigious publication in Rosslyn, VA - across the river from Washington DC
is running a contest
Teddy is up against Hippo (who apparently is part Rottweiler)
Teddy needs your vote
Click Here to vote for Teddy
Please, Please vote so that Teddy, a Golden Retriver, can beet Hippo in Love

Today Teddy is now seven months old -- He is visiting with a friend

These videos show how I train my master to give me lots of treats.

"Reliable Recall Training"
Click on arrow to play video

"Leave it - Discipline Training"
Click on arrow to play video

Here is a video of Teddy swimming -- click on the arrow to play the video

Next we see Teddy in Training

--- Teddy going for a ride with Dwight ---
April 1, 2012

--- Teddy and Tammara ---

Teddy as a baby

Teddy at Ten weeks

Teddy at 11 weeks

Teddy at 11 weeks

Teddy at three months with Dwight

Teddy at three months

Teddy at Three Months

Teddy at Three Months with a Friend

Teddy with Marie

Teddy at 3 and a half months

Teddy at Four months

Teddy at Five months

Teddy at six months

Teddy at ten weeks

--- Teddy getting ready to go swimming ---
June 17, 2012

--- Teddy with mud on his face ---
June 17, 2012

--- Teddy with a stick ---
June 17, 2012

--- A video of Teddy getting a paper ---
June 17, 2012 --click arrow to play the video

That is all the pictures for now

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