Here is some family History for the Galbi Boys

First, did you know that your grandfather was an accomplished Artist

Scroll down to see some of his drawings

Next is your grandfathers and grandmothers 1910 wedding picture

Then there is a letter from your great aunt to your grandmother written in 1927

Finally there are the funeral notices of your great Grandmother, your grandmother and your grandfather.

This was drawn in 1897
when you gradfather was seventeen years old

scroll down for more pictures

This is not dated
but it was probably from about 1897
Do realize that he had to carry
these over on the boat
when he came to the US
and it was not a First Class ticket

Your Grandfather and Grandmother's
wedding photo from 1910

This is their marriage certificate
For some reason they asked for a
copy of it in 1956
The priest who signed it is
a long time family friend

what follows is a letter that your great aunt wrote to your grandmother in 1927
At that timne your grandparents had a chicken farm and they were sending eggs to this nun
Note from Vneland to Hardthford Conn is about 200 miles -- I have no idea how they were shipped

Here are some of the funeral notices of your relatives
Theresa Dallago is your Great Grandmother

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