Documentation of Elmer Galbi's Military Service

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The First Photo shows Elmer in his Military Hat

This picture documents that Elmer
was an Expert marksman
For this honor he received
a medal that he was actually
required to wear on his uniform

The next photo shows Elmer with the tanks that he worked on while in the service

That is an M48 tank
Elmer drove and repaired
these tanks

The next photo shows Elmer and his 1957 Chevy next to a 280 mm Atomic Cannon

This gun could
Actually fire shells that
contained Atomic Explosives

Elmer also drove
and repaired trucks such
as this 2 and a half ton GMC

This is another picture
of Elmer and the 280 mm
Atomic Cannon

The Final two pictures show Elmer training at Fort Bragg North Carolina prior to receiving a commission

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