Hike on the Boulder Ridge Trail

A six mile hike with 2000 foot elevation gain
A hike unlike any hike we have previously done.

First, it rained very hard from when we left the car until we returned

Second, at the top it was snowing and sleeting.
So after being soaked in the rain for an hour we were now walking in a cold icy wind.

Third, there were six stream crossings

Forth, one of the stream crossings was at a waterfall where one
had to actually walk into the waterfall to keep from falling down a fifty foot cliff.

Fifth, we had to leave the trail and go down an embankment to cross a landside area.
We had to cross the area on a very unstable field of debris

Sixth, Michael saw fresh Cougar tracks in the snow at the upper elevation.
That is when the group decided to turn around and head for home.

Seven, Going up was hard, but coming down was the real problem.
A landslide had blocked the trail, and everything was now very wet,
- that is were we had to cross on an unstable debris field.
Even worst, some of the streams were now flowing very high due to the incessant rain.
One of them was literally impassible, but going the other way on the trail was not
practical either.

It is amazing what one does when there are no alternatives.

But, it was a great adventure and
We all returned safely to the car a bit tired, and a lot cold
When we finally got home, a warm house never felt better .
Thanks to Michael, our leader.
We will certainly remember this hike

Scroll down for some pictures
(sorry for the poor picture quality, but it was raining)

The trail we hiked

The group on the trail

Joan at our lunch spot

One of the waterfalls
leading to a stream crossing

The group at a stream crossing

Maybe this gives an idea of what the trail was like

Our leader

There were some huge stumps

At the car at the end of the hike

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Directions to the trailhead

1) take Hwy 26 to Sandy
2) 14.2 miles passed the last stoplight in Sandy
     Turn right into the Wildwood Recreational Area
3) After 0.5 miles turn left into the first parking area
4) Cross Salmon River on a bridge and head to the "wetlands trails".
5) Follow Wetlands trail to a small bridge over Sixes Creek
6) See sign to Boulder Ridge trail 783A

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