A delightful six and a half mile hike
in Milo McIver Park 7/23/15

A surprisingly semi-difficult hike on an un-improved
delightfully shaded trail from Kingshisher Campground to the Fish Hatchery.

We had a tour of the fish hatchery including a disussion with a ranger
and then we had lunch at a delightful cove on the Clackamas river

During lunch we saw an Osprey catch a fish
and do a fly-by with the fish
in front of our group and some fishless fishermen

What we saw looked just like this
courtesy of Flicker.com
Creative Commons License
Sorry I could not get a picture of "our Bird"
but this wonderful picture gives the idea of what we saw

trial we hiked

The group


The trail

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    Directions to Milo McIver State Park
  1. Take I-5 to Hwy 205
  2. Take Exit 12 from Hwy 205 - marked Estacada
  3. Turn right onto Hwy 212 & 224 and proceed toward Estacada
  4. After about 3 miles, turn right on Hwy 224 toward Estacada
  5. Go 1.1 miles on Hwy 224 to Carver
  6. At Carver, turn slightly right onto Market Rd 39 (not left - left goes to Estacada)
  7. (go 0.1 or less miles ) Cross bridge and turn left onto Springwater Rd.
  8. Proceed 9.3 miles on Springwater Rd. to park entrance on left.
  9. ---- Pay $5.00 at Park entrance and wait ,– we will caravan to trailhead)
    Directions once inside park
  1. We will park at Kingfisher Camp area
  2. From park entrance – go left at first intersection.
  3. Go right at first significant side Rd marked Kingfisher Camp
  4. ---- if you come to intersection with rd on the left you have gone too far -----

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