A Five and a half mile hike on the
Dog River Trail
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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On the way to the trailhead we had a beautiful view of Mt. Hood with a cloud sitting on the peak.

We hiked to a wonderful lookout point
Most of the way up the trail was quite nice.
However, the part of the trail circled on the map was an off trail adventure.
However, our leader Barbara M. had hiked the trail herself the prior day and she had marked the trail so that no one would get lost. Thank you Barbara.

The group arrives and receives instructions from our leader

Most of the trail going up was quite nice

It was 1000 feet up so we stopped to rest occasionally

Some of the hikers

Our leader on one of the nice bridges

We turned off the trail and followed a very very old overgrown road to get to the top.

This made it a bit of an adventure

We arrived at the viewpoint and had a wonderful view of Mt. Hood

We had lunch at the top

We saw a Rubber Boa on the trail down
Do you realize that there are ten different snake species in the Gorge
1) Rubber Boa
2) Racer
3) Ringback Snake
4) Kingsnake
5) Striped Whipsnake
6) Gopher snake 7) Western Garter snake
8) Northwestern Garter snake
9) Common Garter snake
10) Western Rattlesnake

Unfortunately, I have no pictures but
We had a delightful visit to Barbara's cabin after the hike

We saw lots of flowers along the trail

Bead Lily
Also called: Bride's Bonnet, Queen's Cup
(Clintonia uniflora)

Twenty different lilies grow in the gorge
  1. Onions: The Genus Allium
  2. Asparagus Asparagus officinalis
  3. Bluedick Brodiaea, Crown Brodiaea, Harvest Brodiaea, Harvest Lily Brodiaea coronaria
  4. Mariposa Lilies, Star Tulips: The Genus Calochortus
  5. Camas: The Genus Camassia
  6. Queen's Cup/ Bead Lily Clintonia uniflora
  7. Ball-headed Cluster Lily Dichelostemma congestum
  8. Fairy Bells and Fairy Lanterns: The Genus Disporum
  9. Fawn Lilies: The Genus Erythronium
  10. Fritillaries: The Genus Fritillaria
  11. Columbia Lily, Columbian Lily, Oregon Lily, Tiger Lily Lilium columbianum
  12. False Solomon Plumes and False Lilies-of-the-valley:
  13. Bronze Bells, Mission Bells, Western Featherbells, Western Stenanthium Anticlea occidentale
  14. Twisted Stalks: The Genus Streptopus
  15. Western False Asphodel, Shortstyle Tofieldia, Sticky Asphodel,
  16. Wood Lilies, Wake Robins or Trilliums: The Genus Trillium
  17. Cluster Lilies: The Genus Triteleia (formerly Brodiaea)
  18. False Hellebores: The Genus Veratrum
  19. Bear-grass Xerophyllum tenax
  20. Death-camas: The Genus Zigadenus

Orchid family

Orange Honeysuckle
(Lonicera ciliosa)
Five Species of honeysucklke grow in the gorge
  1. Orange Honeysuckle: Lonicera ciliosa - Stems climbing. Flowers are in clusters, orange, and tubular in shape, subtended by the large, rounded leaf.
  2. Double Honeysuckle, Purple-flower Honeysuckle, : Lonicera conjugialis - Stems erect, forming a small bush to 1.5 meters high. Flowers are dark red to purplish-brown,
  3. Etruscan Honeysuckle: Lonicera etrusca - Stems climbing. Uppermost pair of opposite leaves with their bases not fused completely around the stem as in #1 above).
  4. Bearberry, Black Twin-berry, Twinberry, Twinberry Honeysuckle: Lonicera involucrata - Stems erect, forming a small bush to 3 meters tall. Flowers are yellowish, in pairs subtended by a dark red to purplish involucre.
  5. Red Twinberry, Rocky Mountain Honeysuckle Utah Honeysuckle

Lupin or lupine

Easily identified by the shape of its leaves

Also called: beardtongue

Easily identified by the shape of the leaves.

Broad-leaf Starflower
Also called Pacific Starflower, Western Starflower
(Trientalis borealis )

-- My favorite little flower --

Wild Rose
(Genus Rosa)

At lest eight different Wild Rose species grow in the Gorge

  • Dog Rose: Rosa canina Shrub similar to sweetbriar but not glandular. Prickles hooked or curved.
  • Sweetbrier: Rosa eglanteria - Flowers large (quarter-sized) with notched tips.
  • Baldhip Rose, Dwarf Rose, Little Wild Rose: Small (quarter sized) pink flowers with 5 petals. Stems armed with many small stickers. Leaves pinnately compound.
  • Multiflora Rose, Rambler Rose: Rosa multiflora
  • Bristly Nootka Rose, Nootka Rose: Rosa nutkana var. hispida Shrub to 6 feet tall. Inflorescence of 1-3 large pink flowers with 5 wide petals, Very fragrant.
  • Nootka Rose: Rosa nutkana var. nutkana (Synonym: Rosa durandii)
  • Clustered Rose, Clustered Wild Rose, Peafrutit Rose: Rosa pisocarpa - Shrub from 1-2 meters high armed with straight, thin prickles, or sometimes unarmed.
  • Pearhip Rose, Wood's Rose:

From Paul Slichter's site

Wind Flower
Also called: Columbia Wind Flower, Columbian Windflower, Threeleaf Anemone, Western White Anemone
Anemone deltoidea

This flower does stand up above the leaves and it blows in the wind

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