Hike to Catherine Creek
March 16, 2014

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We crossed Catherine Creek on a rather shaky bridge

The trail was rocky

The views were terrific

The rock cliff were amazing

This is an open arc in the rock wall

Catherine Creek is very pleasant

Grass Widow Flowers were in full bloom

The Grass Widow (Olsynium douglasii) is a beautiful flower

The name "grass widow" symbolizes "an abandoned mistress or unmarried woman who had cohabited with several men."

Maybe these flowers where named "grass widow" to symbolize the region's first settlers enjoying a romantic moment in the gorge's lush fields while there wives where in effect a widow.

There are also white or Lavender Grass widows

Desert Parsley was in full bloom

There are several varieties of Desert Parsley

This is another variety of desert Parsley

Probably Gray's Desert Parsley or
Columbia desert Parsley

The yellow Buttercups Flowers were in full bloom

There are many varieties of Buttercup flowers

These are probably Western Buttercup

Yellow Bells
Yellow Fritillary or Fritillaria pudica

This is an excellent food source. The bulb can be eaten raw or cooked. The bulb can also be dried for later use. These bulbs were commonly eaten as a food by the native North Americans. Native Americans ate the small bulbs eaten raw and the larger ones cooked. The bulbs are rich in starch. The raw bulb tastes like potatoes, and when cooked it tastes like rice. The green seed pods can also be eaten raw or cooked but they are bitter.

Gold Star (crocidium multicaule)


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2) ES_01 S_767

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4) R_01 S_805

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4) R_10 S_772

5) ST_01 S_806

5) ST_10 S_770

5) ST_21 S_769

DPM_01 NC_75

DPM_03 NC_72

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DPY83 NC_61

DPY_01 S_775

DPY_04 S_773

DPY_10 S_763

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DPY_51 NC_74

DPY_71 NC_73

DPY_81 NC_63

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DPY_92 S_774

FN_01 S_818

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FN_03 S_816

FPY_23 S_760

GEV_52 S_736

GEV_54 S_735

GSV_57 S_733

GW_ S_797

GW_01 S_798

GW_51 S_740

GW_52 S_739

GW_53 S_738

GW_61 S_731

GW_62 S_730

GW_63 S_729

GW_71 NC_70

GW_72 NC_69

GW_74 NC_68

GW_75 NC_67

GW_77 NC_66

GW_91 NC_54

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GW_95 NC_49

GW_95 NC_50

GW_96 NC_48

GW_97 NC_47

GW_98 NC_46

GW_99 NC_45

GWV-51 S_741

GWV_01 S_784

GWV_02 S_783

GWV_21 S_771

GWV_56 S_734

GWV_58 S_732

GWV_71 S_737

W6P_01 S_815

W6P_02 S_814

W6P_03 S_813

WM_01 S_795

WM_02 S_794

WMP_01 S_796

WMP_06 S_793

WMP_07 S_792

Y5P_ 97 NC_42

Y5P_01 S_789

Y5P_02 S_788

Y5P_03 S_787

Y5P_04 S_786

Y5P_05 S_785

Y5P_41 S_751

Y5P_42 S_750

Y5P_47 S_749

Y5P_49 S_748

Y5P_94 NC_44

Y5P_96 NC_43

YB_01 S_802

YB_02 S_801

YB_03 S_799

YB_03 S_800

YB_10 S_782

YB_11 S_780

YB_11 S_781

YB_13 S_778

YB_13 S_779

YB_14 S_777

YB_15 S_776

YMP_01 S_812

YMP_02 S_811

YMP_03 S_810

YMP_04 S_809

YMP_31 S_759

YMP_34 S_758

YMP_35 S_757

YMP_36 S_756

YMP_37 S_755

Driving Directions
Take I84 to Hood River
Cross Hood River Bridge
Go Right on Highway 14 to Bingen
4 and a half miles after Bingen go left on Old Highway 8 which also rd 1230
Go 1 and a half miles on this road to the trailhead.

One trail goes down to the right of highway.
Two trails go up to the left of highway