Sunday we took two hikes
The first hike was through the Dahlia Fields in Canby
The second hike was through the town of Silverton
The first pictures below are from Silverton,
because Silverton turns out to be an absolutely delightful town


Silverton is such a Friendly town, Joan even hugged a dog she had never seen before.

Silverton is truly a delightful and friendly town.

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Silverton is home to a special home built by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright build homes that were designed to be "living in harmony with the land". This home was preserved in the Oregon Gardens to show future generations about "living in harmony with the land"


Silverton also has many other stately homes

Home prices in Silverton seem quite reasonable
This beautiful home that had a fantastic view of the mountains
was for sale at $295,00.00
anyone in Texas looking to buy a home should consider moving to Silverton

Here is the map of our 10K hike in Silverton.

I must say that walking in a town, even a beautiful town like Silverton, was not quite like hiking on Mt Hood.


The hike in Canby was through fields of beautiful Dahlias
There was an endless variety of beautiful colors,
one more beautiful than the next


We took many pictures of lovely Dahlias
Hopefully one or more of these will be selected
as a Wednesday flower by the Purlemotes web site
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