Directions to various hikes

1) Vancouver Lake Park
2) Wind Mountain
3) Ramona Falls
4) Cathrine Creek
5) Forest Park from fire Lane 3 near cemetary on Skyline Dr
6) Herman Creek
7) Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge -- in Washington - up Hwy 141

Vancouver Lake Park to
Frenchman's Bar (3/2/17)

The walk is 5.6 miles round trip
with no elevation gain.
It is a paved path the entire way

To get to the trailhead:
1) Take I5 North and Cross the Columbia to Washington
2) Take exit 1C to WA-501
3) At the end of the Exit road, turn left onto E Mill Plain Blvd.
4) Drive 5.0 miles on E Mill Plain Blvd.
5) Turn right onto NW Erwin O Rieger Memorial Hwy
     see and follow signs to Vancouver Lake Park
6) Turn right into main entrance of the Park (restrooms are nearby)/

Wind Mountain (2016 hike)

1) cross Bridge of the Gods
2) Turn Right on Hwy 14
3) On Hwy 14 go through Stevenson and Home WA
4) travel 8.7 miles on Hwy 14
5) turn left onto Wind Mt. Road (is between mile posts 50 and 51)
6) After 1.1 miles turn right - will still be Wind Mt. Road.
7) Proceed 0.3 miles to Girl Scout Rd. proceed for .2 miles to parking lot

Ramona Falls (2015 Hike)

1) Go to Hwy 26 (take Hwy 405 to Hwy 212 to Hwy 26)
2) Just prior to Zig Zag Ranger Station turn left on E.Lolo Pass Rd
3) Proceed for 4.2 miles and then turn rt on paved Rd 1825
4) Procees for 0.7 miles and turn right to cross bridge over Sandy River to FR 1825
5) Proceed for 1.7 miles to FR 1825 - bear left at Junction with sign to Ramona Falls
6) Drive 0.5 miles to parking lot
NW Forest Pass Required.

Cathrine Creek

1) Take I84 to Hood River Exit 64 - follow signs to White Salmon
2) Cross Bridge over the Columbia
3) Turn right on Hwy 14
4) Drive 5.7 miles on Hwy 14
5) Just prior to milepost 71 Turn left onto "Old Hwy No. 8"
6) Drive around Rowland Lake - up the hill to Cathrine Creek Parking Lot.

Forest Park from fire Lane 3 near cemetary

1) Take 217 to Barnes Rd
2) Go East on Barnes Rd for 1.4miles to SW Miller Rd.
3) Turn left on Miller Rd -- note shopping center at intersection
4) Follow Miller Rd for 1.1 miles to NW Cornell Rd.
5) Go right on Cornell Rd.
6) follow Cornell for 0.4 miles to NW Skyline Drive
7) Follow Skyline for 1.9 miles to cenetary on your left - park at cenetary.
8) Walk back 0.1 miles to Thundercrest Development

Herman Creek Tailhead

  • 1) Take I-84 to Exit 44 (Cascade Locks)
  • 2) At exit turn right (EAST) and drive through the town (for about 2 miles)
  • 3) You will come to an underpass that goes under I-84
  • 4) Go under the highway but DO NOT get back on the I-84
  • 5) At the T intersection after the I-84 entrance ramp turn left
  • --- note sign to Herman Creek Trailhead)
  • 6) Drive about a mile to the Herman Creek Campground.
  • 7) Go through the Herman Creek Campgroud to the trailhead.

  • Conbo Lake National Wildlife Refuge

    1) Take I-84 to Exit #64 ( marked Mt Hood Hwy toward OR-35/White Salmon/Govt Camp)
    2) Travel over the Hood River Bridge ($1 toll) then turn left onto WA-14W.
    3) After 1.5 miles, take a right on WA-141 Alt/WA-141.
    4) Follow 141 for about 10.2 miles
          (you'll see BZ Corner, Blue Sky Outfitters and All Adventures Rafting).
    5) Turn right onto B Z Corner Glenwood Rd / B Z Glenwood Hwy
    6) Follow this road for 14.6 miles.
    7) Take a left to stay on B Z Glenwood Hwy for another 2 miles.
        (don't stay straight onto Lakeside Rd)
    8) Take a left onto Grubb Rd,
    9) After one mile take a left onto Lake Rd until you reach the refuge entrance and parking lot.