Hike on Russ Jolly Trail
For Mushrooms with Friends of Gorge


1) Cross the bridge at Hood River
2) Turn left on Hwy 14 and proceed to Cook-Underwood road
3) Turn right onto Cook-Underwood Road
4) Proceed on Cook-Underwood for 8.2 miles until Willard Rd.
5) Turn right onto Willard Road
6) Follow Willard for 1.9 miles to a T intersection
7) Turn right onto Oklahoma Rd and proceed for 2.5 miles
8) Turn left on NF-66 (also called S. Prairie Rd) -- says Trout Lake 21 miles
9) Turn left on NF-68 (Also called Lost Creek Rd)
10) Continue on NF-68 until a fork in the road.
10) Keep right at the fork (this will still be NF-68)
11) After about 3.4 miles park on the Left
(the 3.4 miles may be from where you enter the gravel road or from the fork in the road)

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map lost creek 1

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map lost creek 3

map lost creek 4

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