OMS election that will be held 11/28/2016
Information on the candidates

List of Candidates:
President:        Kristen Dedeaux (incumbent)
Vice President: Brad Blickenstaff (incumbent)
Treasurer:         Don Moore (incumbent)
Secretary          Candace Parmer (incumbent)

Board of Directors - Select Two out of Three
     Joe Cohen (incumbent)
    Travis Fulton (incumbent)
     Doug Bowman

The following are the Statements of
Qualification submitted by the candidates

For President Kristen Dedeaux:
As many of you know, I'm a technical writer, trail runner, and nature lover. I've been an active member of the Oregon Mycological Society (OMS) since I first came to Portland in 2005. In 2010, I was recruited for the office of OMS secretary and served in that position until 2014. Then along came an opportunity for serving the society in a different capacity, as OMS president.

My experience on the OMS board of directors has given me first-hand knowledge of how an educational non-profit operates, and most importantly, has allowed me to cultivate the relationships necessary for ensuring a healthy and thriving organization. In both of my roles, I've strived to uphold the society's mission, cultivate a balanced perspective, and encourage and support others.

My time as OMS president has been rewarding and wondrous. Even its challenges have been energizing, as they've provided opportunities for personal growth and creativity. Furthermore, I've enjoyed working with such a proactive and spirited team of leaders and volunteers. I particularly appreciate how we've all been able to approach our roles with humor and enthusiasm.

I hope to continue to serve as the club's president in the coming year. I'm a firm believer in helping others and I value a chance to make a difference, even if it's just in one small fungi-filled corner of the world.

For Vice President Brad Blickenstaff - No statement submitted;

For Treasurer Don Moore:
I have been the OMS Treasurer for 5 years now. I enjoy bookkeeping and would be happy to remain your treasurer for another term.

For Secretary Candace Parmer:
My background includes technical writing, business ownership, neighborhood association offices, and a seat on the board of the Pearl District Business Association where I first learned the fiduciary responsibilities of board membership. I am the current OMS Secretary and would be honored to serve another term with the current team of board members

For Board of Directors Joe Cohen:
I'd like to continue increasing OMS's educational and scientific activities at all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) including field trips, classes, workshops, community outreach, and citizen-science activities like the North American Mycoflora Project.

Non-mushroom activities background include: member, Geological Society of the Oregon Country; State Assignor Coordinator, Oregon Referee Committee (2013-15); former intellectual property lawyer (Stoel Rives LLP, 1982-2011); computer programmer (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 1972-77)

For Board of Directors Travis Fulton I've been an OMS member for about five years and a very active member for about two years where I've organized social meet-ups, taught cultivation workshops, led and identified for camp field trips, organized the last two Fall Mushroom Shows, and built the new website (that will be launching soon.) While sharing and gaining mushroom knowledge are two big reasons for my involvement I also have a vested interest in helping to grow a bigger sense of community within the club (putting the social in the society part). Since becoming more involved, I've met people and have had opportunities that I probably wouldn't have experienced if not for being an active member of OMS (most recently finding my first Cordyceps in the cloud forests of Mexico.) Our membership continues to grow, and along with it opportunities for this diverse, multi-talented, and curious group of mushroom nerds to have some great times together, but we'll only get as much out of it as we put in. I'd like to be a part of a mushroom club where people come to events and meetings not just because of the mushrooms that will be there, but because their friends will be there as well.

For Board of Directors: Doug Bowman: No statement submitted